Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My friends keep on pushing me to write about work. Honestly, I have a lot to say. But there is practically no bone or muscle in my body that is not aching from everyday trips from Cavite to Makati to back to Cavite. Well, my company is a pseudo-call center and a business outsourcing company which by the way is the exact industry I vowed never to work for. Parang boyfriend to e.. the man you end up with probably is the guy you never expected or even rejected before.. for some reason.

Anyway, the company I am with is still in start-up, real operations start probably on September so I'm really in a daze. I basically get 5 hours tops sleep and there's still certification to go through. It's only my second week so I'm trying to fit in all information that my co-workers have learned in the past month. Just today, I brought a harry-potter-book-4 thick manual to study and be a master at in less than 3 days. My boss keeps on asking me if I am smart enough, if I am good enough.. and the truth is I don't know how to answer that.. deep inside, I just really wanted to ask what happens if I am better than his expectations. I guess I enjoy blowing away people like that. I'd rather not talk about myself in a gratifying manner rather than go around and disappoint a lot of people.

My officemates are basically my batchmates from college. About 1/4 of the population consists of Lasallians. Those who were super extra curricular activities oriented back then. Almost all of us had been officers of organizations. For some weird reason.

I've learned that working is not only consistently trying to learn but also applying lessons adeptly. Its really tiring. At the end of the day, I was told that it didn't matter if I don't smile a lot during work. It doesn't matter if I am not that friendly.. what matters is my capability and maybe the drive to go through. And for me that is enough for now.

My boss keeps asking about passports and visas of the employees. He wants to go to bangkok, hongkong and US. It's a good thing that my mom got me my visa when I got my first gold eagle award in grade 1. Hehe. Plus I just renewed my passport. Hurray! I am not assuming anything but of course anybody would like to think that they are included in the planned trip. My bosses are like this super rich business tycoons. Well one is super nice, soft spoken and smart while the other is more upfront and frank. I don't know who I will like more in the long run.

What else? I made some reconnection with people I have lost in touch with. For the past week, I have seen a lot of people I haven't seen for the past 3 years. It's a great feeling. Now, I am broke as hell and still awaiting my very first paycheck!

I don't really want to go into details about what I did at work because I want to take it all in strides. So now, before my eyes close by itself, I have to work off my butt and do some things crucial for work.

Goodnight world and friends! :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Saturday, August 04, 2007

confessions of a yuppie apartment hunter

With almost no money and no transportation, I braved the streets of makati to look for an apartment since I start work this Monday. I don't know why I wore my mom's brown long skirt and one of my favorite light brown tops. This is probably my official probinsyana look! :) Plus I felt really comfortable with my whole attire. So anyway, I met my friend Mil at a 24 hour convenience store while she was cramming a lunch meal before we start our apartment hunting. So anyway, after a quick trip to the CR, we went ahead and rode on the first bus.

Makati Executive Tower

They had so many posters indicating that they had vacancies so we quickly went on to inquire about their residential units. The girl we spoke to was really nice although since it was a Saturday, she was the only one there. And most of the times, she was not really aware of the details we wanted to know. Especially because we were there to canvas and to get the best value for our money. So anyway, we just decided to go ahead and see the units. The first one she showed us was a 1 bed room unit. However, there were still people occupying it so it was mostly messy and crowded while we were looking at it. The room reminded me of a japanese low cost housing since the door panel separating the room from the kitchen/sala was a wood panel that resembled most of those with the Japanese. With all their stuff gone, that place would actually do if not for the fact that I thought it was a living hell! It was so hot in there. In the bedroom while we were looking, there was a big man sleeping and the whole time I was thinking, How the hell could he do that? I mean it was really hot! I mean, that place + snow, I would probably take with no questions. But the heat? I don't know. It was 10,800 inclusive of dues. (which i mistook for electricity and water dues.) hehehe. administrative dues lang pala un.

The girl showed us another room naman. A 2 bedroom unit. It was actually so spacious. but it was 18,000. Scratch that from the list. I don't have that kind of money right now.

So anyway, she also offered us a small office unit. It was cheaper that both the rooms because it was mainly a space plus a rest room. And the floor had no tiles. I think it was only for 6,500. Which I still could accept if not for the fact that the window is facing the car ramp for the parking. So basically, we can expect 2-3 cars rolling over us every 30 minutes. Thats how people near an airport probably feels like!

The verdict: Well the first room was actually the best from the rooms we have seen. Still it was still pricey for the potential heat we would have to endure if we got the unit. However, with that price includes free use of the gym, pool and sauna. Not bad. But we were determined to see better offers.

Royal Dormitories

In fairness to this place in Akle Street, it is clean for a dormitory. The heat was still there. Its still pricey for us. 6K for a room for 2. It was a very small room for that price. And with all the rooms I thought most of it occupants couldn't bear to shut the door for fear of losing breath while inside it. Plus the bathrooms and shower rooms were in a common area.

Valero Area

We tried to see if there was a remote chance that a cheap condominium unit was near the vicinity but we didn't find any.

We went for a quick break at McDonalds valero to check on our friend Aimee if she could come with us at San Antonio Village. However, our friend was still finishing something so we went on and rode another bus.

San Antonio Village

We were told that there were a lot of cheap apartments and houses renting rooms at this area. So with no transportation whatsoever, we started walking and look for signs hanging in front of houses. The first we saw was an apartment for 8,000. With two bedrooms, that could be great for four persons however there was no one there to show us the place. Then we saw another sign looking for bedspacers. In the remote chance that the place was clean, I would have no problems with it. But when we went to inquire, the person in charge told us, "sorry no vacancy!" And then we saw a small compound that looked like a series of apartment rooms. We asked if there were available rooms and there was still one left. The housekeeper showed us a studio type unit. It had its own CR and kitchen/sink. It was big enough for three people and it was for 6,600. So far, the best value for the money we were willing to pay. However, its still hot inside the room and we would have to bring our own aircon if we couldn't endure the heat.

On our way home, we rode a tricycle driver who thought that Pasong Tamo was the same as Pasong Tirad. So after shelling out 30 pesos to pay for a long ride, we were ever farther from our next bus ride. After walking a little more, we found our way and one jeep and a bus later, Mil and I separated ways.

On my own, I rode a baby bus (for those who don't know, these are non-air conditioned bus with super colorful body paints. :) I think most of these go to Cavite. I was so sleepy while on my way home so hugging my bag tight, I started to fall asleep. I woke up when we were in Bacoor because the bus driver allegedly brush off some guy and the guy was quick to call the police and file a complaint. All the people inside the bus were curious and grumpy as they were settling the complaint. However, the bus driver apologized and 5 minutes later we were on our way again. Ung driver at mga konductors were all really grumpy. For some reason they were mocking the guy for not looking while crossing the road. And all the while I was thinking, that was really stupid. To be the one mocking a person when a big bus almost killed him. Humans should always have the right of way. Tsk tsk! 20 minutes later, we were still having problems with our driver and we found out that he was still in his training period to be a bus driver himself.

Things I've learned:
1. Mostly anything in makati you can go back and forth at while riding a bus for 10 pesos.

2. The closer you want to live in makati central business district, the more money it takes since houses within the vicinity costs a lot.

3. Its still pays to have your own car when you are unsure of where to go to or if you are looking for something.

4. It pays to bring an umbrella whether to fight the sun or sudden rain.

5. Its hard to do a job you are not good at (for the bus driver)

To all my friends, I start work tomorrow. For the meantime, I have to go back and forth from Cavite to Makati. I hope I make it through this month..

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I was watching Wowowee kanina. And during one of the games , they had 3 contestants to answer one question.

Host: Kung ang whistle ay pito, ano naman ang whisper?

Contestant 1: Modess?

Contestant 2: Napkin?

Contestant 3: Silbato?

Host: Ano ba kayo? Tropang Trumpo???

Ano ba talaga ang whisper???

They were referring to this. Bilib naman ako sa p&g dahil people thought of their product rather than the meaning of the word. Ibig sabihin ang lakas ng brand recall nila. Parang the way people use the term colgate to mean toothpaste or xerox to mean photocopy. Kasi nga naman dun sila familiar.

And oh the last answer silbato was I think another term for whistle.