Monday, April 30, 2007

i just lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks!

Waah! I never thought that having a bloated jaw and painful mouth would actually result to something good. I have been trying to lose weight since last year but I feel like every pound I lose would be gained overnight.

MUMPS huh? I love it. After all the pain, fevers, headache, body pains it gave me... losing weight is actually a great result!

Now this is something to smile about. :)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

prison break season 2

I finally finished watching it! Super gwapo ni wentworth miller! There would be times na mahirapan ako magfocus sa panunood coz I'm just basically drooling! It doesn't matter kung anong suot niya, kung nakabackpack siya, kung naka eyeglasses siya, kung may blood siya sa mukha, kung madungis siya! Whatever ang gawin sa kanya.. papangitin.. papogiin.. its impossible for me to unlike this guy. I'm seriously dating Michael Scofield in real life.. although that would mean I would have to undergo some torture (i.e. electric shock) given by the US secret service.

In other news, things have been looking up.. I have narrowed the companies that I am waiting for to just three.. and I would probably take the first offer if the company I like the most would not offer me anything. Last april 28, they finally viewed my resume via jobstreet.. but no feedback yet so no expectations yet. O well.

My cousin who is running for vice mayor has been getting rave reviews with her speech. She looked as if she was the only person with the brains to back up the position she is currently a candidate for. Wohoo! Three cheers for my cousin.

So there. there's really nothing much to blog about except for the tv series that I am currently watching. Just wasting some time before I could finally declare that I no longer belong to the world of unemployed. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

game knb with edu

Nakakatawa si Edu maghost ng game knb. Dati kay kris super naaaliw na ako. Pero ngayon super tawa talaga. He turned the show into a variety show with everyone dancing and singing. Its really quite funny. And super candid din sumagot ng mga contestant during the interview portion. Some of the conversation goes this way..

This is Edu taking with girl scouts.

Edu: Buti naman naisipan niyo pa din maggirl scout kahit na konti nalang ngayon ang scouts.
Girl Scout 1: Madami pa rin naman pong mga girl scouts e hindi niyo lang po nakikita kasi andito po kayo at nagtataping.

Edu: Sino ang crush mo?
Girl Scout 2: Si Luis po.

Edu: Crush niya daw si Luis, ikaw ano naman masasabi mo dun?
Girl Scout 3: Well, he's witty, intelligent and a very good host like his dad.

everyone in the audience claps.

Edu: O narinig mo yung sinabi niya a.. wag mo naman akong ibagsak. anong gusto mo kay Luis?
Girl Scout 1: Ha? e hindi ko naman po siya crush e!

Laugh trip sobra! kapamilya shows have been keeping me company this whole duration that I am sick. Thank God in a few days okay nako. :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Its weird when this results comes out twice

and now its getting hotter!!!

Its so hot.. Its been a week and I still have mumps.. one week pa daw. Nakakainis whenever I wake up sobrang init! parang nagooverheat ung ulo ko sa init.. needless to say super bilis ko ding magalit ngayon. I'm so afraid of May na. I heard in the news na mas mainit pa next month.

I can't think of anything that I can do para mabawasan ung init.. kahit siguro magbabad ako sa swimming pool ng buong araw mainit pa din kasi mainit ung water. Mainit talaga sa lahat. Nakakainisl.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Friday the 13th took a toll on me

I never believed in myths. or in scary superstitions. Sure I would take precautions if there is nothing to lose but I was not one to alter my schedule and life plans just for stupid and baseless beliefs. But then again.. yesterday was probably the worst day of my life and it might just be coincidence that it was friday the 13th but I just can't help but think.. is it baseless after all?

It wasn't much the events that took place but the timing of all it. First of all, I woke up feeling a sore part of my left jaw. I told my mom about it the night before but she shrugged it off by thinking that it was just a muscle pain. My aunt took one look at it and told me I had mumps. MUMPS? as in the mumps sickness that we were all supposed to get a vaccine shot when we were kids. In fact, researched it over the internet and found out that it is actually prevalent in kids. The facts about it were true, it is really painful.

But the fact that I had mumps was nothing. The thing is... I am missing a lot because of this sickness. First, it is Nicole's birthday today and I can't even approach her because she is still a baby. Having a contagious disease affect a small one would probably break my heart even more than the fact that I could not hold and play with her. Its actually funny ironic because I just posted an entry about the fact that she is the only person that is giving me happiness now. They're even going to splash island tomorrow and it was planned that I was coming with them. Life really sucks

Its my cousin's first ever miting de avance. After helping her with the preparations. I could not even go there.

Another thing, I was not able to go to school yesterday and claim my class cards. It was the only time that a student can have grades changed. Turns out I had average grades which was bad because I had the highest grades in class.

Finally, I had a job interview request that I received thru email and text 3 hours after the appointment.

I'm thinking there must be some sort of sign or message over all this events but I just hope that I figure it all out.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Babies bring happiness to the world.

I was feeling a little guilty this morning. I was carrying baby Nicole and sensed that she was so sleepy. But it was so hot inside their house so I brought her in our house. But like most babies, she couldn't sleep in a new environment so she kept on looking around. I tried to make her lie but she kept on moving. And she was really having a hard time fighting her being sleepy because she kept rubbing her eyes and yawning.

So finally, I've said.. "Matulog na!" And like most babies who fear loud voices, she just started crying and tears fell from her face. She has this hikbi face that she just couldn't remove and it really broke my heart to make her cry like that. And so I brought her back to her mom. Anyway, after 10 minutes, I saw her munching on chicken pieces that she was holding with both her hands. I was pretty sure that she was frightened a little earlier.. so I approached her slowly, and when my face was close to her face..

I was so surprised when she tried to give the chicken to me by putting it in my mouth. I was in awe! I really thought she'd be awkward or something. But I guess babies are like that.. they exemplify innocence to the maximum level. I just love babies, specially baby Nicole. I can honestly say that she's a big reason why I'm feeling happy despite being jobless, loveless and basically relationship-less.

This post is also dedicated to my other babies..


Baby Sabrina

and the three cuddly and super loveable trio (clockwise) Jack, Carissa and Isabel.

I love you. I love you. I love you. Thank you for the extent of happiness that you could all give just by the thought of all of you! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

age-ism and love

I met with my friends one day and suddenly realize how so many things have changed.

Aimee: Mil, kwento mo naman ung first kiss mo!
Everybody: Uyyy!
Mil: (sharing her story, then showing the picture of the guy)
Princess: O, ok naman Mil ung guy a.. wag ka na masyado mapili kasi sa edad natin hindi na pwedeng maarte.
Aimeeren: HA? uy grabe sobra ka naman.. hindi pa tayo dapat ganun! siguro kung 27 na tayo.
Princess: 27 na kaya ako!
Aimeeren: ay oo nga. higher batch ka pala. hehe.

Its funny how after more than 5 years, we're still the same group experiencing so many various firsts in love in relationships. From first babies to first kisses still.. I just love what we have become. If only I have a job, my non-existent lovelife would probably feel less lonely .

Monday, April 09, 2007

my two favorite koreans!

Wow! This is nice. Seeing Rain and Yoon Eun Hye together in this picture made me smile.

That's good coz I'm having a really sad and bad week. And its only Tuesday.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

the ideal guy

Since I was so bored last month. I randomly.. urmmm handpicked three guys I know with impeccable characteristics and asked who among them they would choose. All these three are goodlooking men, finished college education and basically belong in middle class families. So here are the guy's characteristics:

Guy A:

*Has a big heart
*very trustworthy and dependable
*can be your guy bestfriend
*Plays soccer during his free time.
*Very respectful and is easily liked by
most parents.
*not too tall compared to most guys.
*very neat
*can look ruggedly handsome and boyishly
cute at the same time
*not too smart (both book and street)
*will probably not become very rich

Guy B:

*Has the best built.
*A jock without the yabang factor.
*Great dancer
*Very loyal
*Responsible and mature for his age.
*Can be too vain sometimes
*Very Sweet and thoughtful.
*Not intelligent but is street smart
*Party guy

Guy C:

*Very Intelligent.
*Great Conversationalist.
*Good Listener.
*Medium Height
(not too tall or too short)
*May seem shy at first but can
engage you in intellectual conversations.
*Easily makes you feel comfortable.
*Will not let you feel out of place in
a group.
*Can Look "baduy" sometimes
*very driven
*will probably be the richest among the 3

The survey results were quite interesting. I had 19 respondents who would all prefer men to be their partner. (read: girls and gays.) At first guy B was ahead by so much.. but guy C challenged him with a head to head count leaving guy A behind. At the last minute, guy A rose above the challenges and managed to have an even score of 6 all. So since the voting period was still officially open, one vote still came in and a decision has to be made. Who won???

Surprisingly, guy C did. Well, I've always thought that guy B was a shoo-in for the title since in reality he is the one with the longstanding relationship. Bilib ako sa lalaking ito! Solid! And guy A? cmon! he's got the biggest heart, most understanding.

So since guy C is the winner, might as well add some more information about him. Well, he is very smart and outspoken. He's a go-getter. But he has a little problem handling relationships. Maybe when he gets older, things would change.

Of course, the survey I made was purely for fun. No indication whatsoever of future mate. But it was quite fun, think I'll launch the survey for a more respondents. hehehe.

One more thing. I didn't choose. I couldn't That's the thing when you know the guys personally, you just can't see them objectively.

In other news, HAPPY EASTER TO ALL! :)

Friday, April 06, 2007

the wait is the hardest

I applied to a job position in a company that I really like. They sent me an email that they would update me with my results within three days.

It has been 6 days...

The waiting part is the hardest. Its bad enough that I might be rejected. Not knowing where you really stand is harder.

Ever since graduation last year, thisis the only time that I would be posting my graduation picture.. I miss my long black shiny hair! sniff!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ang kwento ng isang sakong butong pakwan ni paning

Isang araw, may isang sakong butong pakwan ang binili kay aling Paning. Napagalaman na ito ang pinakamasarap na butong pakwan sa buong Pilipinas. Natutulog na ang mga tao sa kabahayan... bakit hindi tayo gumawa ng maliit na butas at sumungkit ng kahit isang piraso?

Naisipan ng isang bata na lumapit at magpose muna bago isagawa ang kanyang planong gumawa ng butas sa sako.

Ang batang nanguumit ng butong pakwan ay nadaganan ng sako! Mahuli kaya siya ng kanyang nanay? Malaman kaya na ang sako ay pilit na nilalagyan ng butas? Abangan sa mga susunod na kabanata!

Monday, April 02, 2007

ang apat na binatilyong pagong

Bigla kong naalala ang dalawa kong kaibigan na nagtatalo...

E: Wala ka talagang childhood!
G: Meron kaya!
E: Wala no, di ka nga nakapanuod ng cartoons e!
G: Nakpanuod ako no!

Then napadaan kami sa isang toy store, naisipan kong subukin ang kaibigan kong si G.

A: Sige kung totoong may childhood ka, anong kulay ni Michaelangelo sa Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

G: Madali lang yun! Siyempre GREEN!
E: Wala ka talagang childhood! Period!

Trips for food

My mom is going to pampanga today to buy butong pakwan (dried watermelon seeds). I don't know good it is but I keep on wondering because my mom is travelling for more than 2 hours just to buy them. My mom has this crazy impulsive hobby of buying food delicacies and specialties. Just last month, I found our house filled with three boxes of goodies from Biscocho Haus in Iloilo. We have biscocho, butterscotch bars, and other sweet stuff. The week after,
she came from Cebu and brought home longganisa, danggit, other dried fish, dried` mangoes, mangorind and many more. Now I am not complaining because I eat a lot of the stuff that she brings home. But whenever she comes back from her trips, she is so tired she can barely walk. Makes me wonder if all those delicacies are all worth it. Well, if I was the probably the one traveling all the time, I would have bought the same things. Truthfully, there are just so many good stuff here in the country that we have all yet to try.

Just the other day, since only me and my dad are home, he just bought me food. He ended buying me tapsilog (tapa + sinangag + itlog) from a restaurant here in Tanza named Antonino's. It was really good I probably finished it in 10 minutes. Hehehe. There goes my plan of eating slowly!

I've been meaning to post a separate entry about food but it seems I became incapacitated after seeing pictures of my favorite foods. I just can't seem to finish it. Hope I finish it someday.

start of campaign

Its campaign period once again. This time my cousin is running for vice mayor and everyone in the family is busy doing some promotions. (?) One thing I consider both as a blessing and as a curse is the way my family gives all out support in about everything a family member goes into. Its very reassuring that there would be a big group of individuals who got our back but sometimes it gets physically, emotionally and even spiritually draining. Lahat ng resources lumalabas.

My cousin is the ate in our group. She's very pretty and magaling dumiskarte. Napakagaling sa buhay. I think at age 22 she already made her 1st million. Very business-minded but also approachable. In total, she would be the best choice to become a public servant. She's quite unlucky though that her physical appearance has mistaken other people to think that she is incapable (because she looks young) and weak (because she is very pretty). What can I say? Well, she is a giving person. Minsan kuripot (hehe) but she would surprise us sometimes by treating us to dinner and movies and depositing small amounts in our bank accounts.

Well, sometimes I would be afraid that people would take advantage of her. But I think she has been preparing herself for this moment all her life. Its her time. And I sure hope that she wins.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

that first kiss

What's so special about that first kiss? They say it would forever be etched in your memory. That first kiss would set the standard for future kisses. That is why when she told me she was ready for it, I agreed that it was time.

And it didn't help that she gave me tutti frutti popsies! How can I say no???