Friday, March 30, 2007

what we do when we are sure no one is looking

Clockwise: Te Ry, Camzi, Smarky, Aimee and Teyz

I just got my DVD yearbook and realized that I submitted this picture! Sobrang nagulat ako! What was I thinking? This picture is just so.. goofy, no poise whatsoever and a big trace of the journey to drunkenessdom! hahaha! Well, in the first place, we have never been the poised family even if people think that Teyz is. Bigla ko naalala what happened during that night! Well not all for the same reasons that I don't know kung bakit ganyan ang hitsura namin, at kung sino ba ang kumukuha ng picture. I clearly remember na I saw this lifeguard chair.. the one you see in baywatch. I asked Smarky to take a picture of me while I took a run for it going up the chair.

Aimee: Kuya Mark! Kunan moko a! One Two Three... aaaaaaaaah! BLAG!


Aimee: Araaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I never even reached step three. Di man lang ako nakaakyat. And I saw kuya mark behind me trying to hide his big laugh. Obviously he saw everything and almost dropped the camera just to conceal his laugh.

After that night, I had this theory that I have multiple personality disorder. Camzi quickly told me that she thinks I have a personality disorder. Period.

Seriously, I love this guys so much! They make me forget how lonely it gets sometimes when you are an only child.

Here's to more weird pictures in the future!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bring back those college memories... and friends!

Yesterday, I met with my college roommates and blockmates. And since there were two sets of friends, there were also two venues and only one Aimee, I found myself travelling for about 1/3 of the time.:) But it was really fun! Especially since I get to see what we all became in a span of a little over 5 years since we entered college.

First stop: with my roomies aka pleasure seekers. Now it is a given that whenever, wherever we always have fun! Pag magkakasama kami nito lahat ng pambata at pangmatanda na kalokohan nagagawa namin. This time we met because Tera is leaving for US in 3 weeks time. We're not sure kung kelan siya ulit babalik dito. O well, being the first one in our barkada to get married, I say she is always one step ahead of us. And I'm happy for her. But I don't think I'm ready for my own little family right now anyway. And princess is back from NY with a few pics beside NBA players who I don't know but I'm quite sure are known to other NBA fanatics.

Later at night, I went from Makati to Bicutan just to meet with my blockmates in LMG. I was scared at first to go because I was the only one left unemployed. O well.. it was fun after all. All the block drama, jokes and memories were still there.. and I was glad to see all of them.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Quick Post

I feel bad because most of the blogskins that I got online are not compatible with the new blogger. Bugger. Bwisit talaga. I wanted pa naman this site not to look normal. Hehehe.

In other news, I have tons of things to do before I sleep tonight which includes:

1. Math HW
2. English Paper Conclusion'
3. Biology Homework
4. Study for Biology Lecture Test
5. Study for Biology Laboratory Test

I don't know how to whip it all up. But I sure hope my cramming abilities are still well, an ability.

Anyway, its so weird how normal my hormones are now. And currently, I am having PMS. I blame it for the fact that I easily get angry and frustrated. I answered online tests again. I don't know why I like answering them.

You've Got a Bit of a Crush

Maybe your guy friend is a crush of convenience - easy enough to happen
Did you just break up with someone? Or are you more lonely than usual?
If no to both, then this small crush could be the real deal.
Find out if he feels the same - because he just might!

People who know me may actually tell me that they already knew this. I don't know. It's just so wrong to have a crush on someone you have a perfect relationship with. And its funny that he just sent me a ym message while I'm typing this.

And finally,

You Are Jennifer Aniston

Girl next door with a free spirit.
You're low key and naturally sexy.
Sweet and approachable, people are attracted to your upbeat attitude.
And even when life doesn't go your way, you always eventually turn things around.

I'm just too goody-goody to be an angelina. hihi!

So I'm back to job hunting again. I applied for a position in a company where I would be directly competing with my friend Aimee. She was too excited about it. Aimee vs. Aimee Hehehe. I hope I get the job. Sometimes it scares me a lot that I'm in such a hurry to fimnd a job mainly because there is another batch of graduates ready to compete for the jobs I'm applying for. Grr. And the fact that I had a six month hiatus may work to their advantage. O well. By april, I should be in makati already... life at home is slowly choking me.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jobless @ 23

And since I don't know why I cannot post anything good in tabulas, I've decided to change start anew here in blogger. Its not that I don't like tabs, its just that I feel after graduation, I need to have a new environment. New place to express my thoughts, to rant about problems and to blab about my secrets. So setting that aside, here it goes...

Its the year of the pig. My year. I waited for all the the other animals to pass and finally say to myself that this is my year! Well, as of now, that is yet to be seen. Last year, the year of the dog was pretty good for me. I just hope my own year is better. :)

So I have been continuously looking for work now. Its so hard to find an honest to goodness job. There are just a lot of variables to take note of. And finally, the incessant question that keep haunting me, How much is the pay? I can honestly say that I am just simply looking for a job where I can learn a lot. A job that is career-wise fulfilling. A job that could set my career path straight. Well I'm still on the process of finding one. I just hope that come April I'm already working. Being 23 and jobless doesn't suit me well. Anxiety issues.

I had a job interview last week. Something bothered me. the way he kept asking personal questions about my family, my lovelife and other stuffs. It's unfair because I prepared for a formal business interview. Talk about over-preparing, if there is even a term. I feel so unfulfilled. I really want to just nudge my life forward a little. Just to get things started.

And so, here I am again looking and looking and still looking for that job. I just hope that job finds it way to me. Anyway, some pictures to get this blog started.