Sunday, September 14, 2008

10 Things I love about Norbs

I have been meaning to post something about my friend Norbs since the time we met 7 years ago. That was during first year college and we were dormmates. During that time (2001) we weren't even roommates but we still talked and spent some time talking together. The first time that we talked was in her dorm room and she showed me some pics that she had of classmates, family and friends. I remember thinking to myself that she seemed such a bratty and weak kid to be so homesick during the first few days that we were there. I didn't really know that we had so much in common until the time that I actually got to know her.

1. She is undoubtedly the easiest person to ask to come with you when you want to eat. (Haha) A normal conversation between us would go this way:

Aimee: Norbs, punta tayo wendy’s gusto ko ng wing ding tsaka ng biggie ice tea.

Norbs: E nakaligo nako e. Kakatamad.

Aimee: Magboombox meal kaya ako? Sarap din nung chicken with chili con carne or ung spaghetti meal nila.

Norbs: Sayang, nakatoothbrush nako e.

After 30 seconds..

Norbs: Bwisit ka, tara na punta na tayo ginutom mo ako bigla e.

2. She is the impending laughter that is waiting to explode. You tell her a problem and she counters it with a joke. You are frantically looking for something and she tells you she saw thrown away by somebody else. Then you later realize it was a joke. It takes a lot of getting used to, but still a Norbs in your life adds a lot of happy sprinkles in it.

3. She goes out of her way to prove that we could have honest to goodness, lesbo moments.

norbs: aimee

aimee: yeah?

norbs: depressed na nmn ata ako

norbs: eto siguro ung nafefeel mo last time

norbs: :(

norbs: na parang, wala, wala maglolove satin

aimee: :(

aimee: eh norbs

aimee: ganyan pa din nafifeel ko no

aimee: parang, its hard to love me? ganun ba?

norbs: bat ganun aimee

norbs: sabi ko nga sa friend ko

norbs: bakit kung sino ung kaya magmahal ng buo, sila ung laging sinasaktan ng someone unworthy

norbs: ganun daw ata tlga

norbs: diba?

norbs: ayan, im sad na din

norbs: aims, ganun nga ba tayo kahirap mahalin?

aimee: hindi ko alam norbs e

aimee: hmm.

aimee: kahit nga sa friends diba nafifeel ko yan

aimee: pero ako mahal kita

norbs: ako din aimee

norbs: tayo na lang

aimee: if it makes u feel better

norbs: babe

norbs: salamat aimee :)

4. She understand the mean and brat side that we both have. Its so amazing how I say one thing really bratty and she understands and agrees in the same. She works at Eastwood, I work in Makati. We never see each other because we both insist on going to the mall nearest us. Typical brats who doesn’t like compromising. And when we focus our strength in being mad or angry at one person.. well lets just say that person is shattered into pieces in our minds. So yeah beware!

5. She looks and moves exactly as her mother and sister. It’s like looking at replicas over and over. Peace Norbs!

6. The friendships she has been built throughout the years. I think some of her friends are those she has entered grade 1 or kinder with. Hi AJ!

Norbs with her long time friend Donna. (Uy!!! Ketchup Issues!)

7. She always always always look so business-like. From waking up before 5am to iron her hair, to wearing scarves, and then looking like she’s attending a business convention on our way to the beach. She pretends to be mad at first when you tease her about it but later on imagines situations and dialogues between her and colleagues that she is supposed to meet for the imaginary convention.

8. It has never failed to amaze me how she never gets tired of chatting and visiting forums and egroups and hack sites (hehehe). Hence her nick, Chat Chantiago.

9. Her whole body shakes when she is laughing.

10. The 8 years of friendship that we have.

And just because being 24 is so much memorable to her than to any other.. Congrats Norbs. Love you!!

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