Wednesday, January 09, 2008

No more sadness for Aimee this 2008

The last time I posted here was a few weeks after I started working again. I was so busy in the latter part of last year. It actually felt better to actually be doing something rather than.. not doing anything at all.

For this year, I am very optimistic.. for some reason.. maybe ts because of the number 8 for 2008. Optimistic for all aspects of my life. That this quarter life crisis would actually improve a little and that I would have a clue on what choices I have or need to make.

I made a lot of friends this year. Even found some close ones I know I could keep for life. I also managed to keep in touch with my old ones.. and I am even roommates with two of close college friends. Not bad for a slo start last year.

This year.. I learned that I am a changed person. Many people told me.. I was too straight before.. which was good. But growing older.. you need to meet halfway and compromise.. learn to understand that people have certain limitations.

Having said that.. I still affirm my belief in career and relationships. I just need to be nicer to my family. I just need to be better in a lot of things. Maybe once I learn to give way for others.. life would be easier for me.

No more sadness for Aimee this 2008! Happy New Year to all!

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